Notary Dr. Marco Berger


Address and contact details:

Franz-Schubert-Weg 3

79822 Titisee-Neustadt


Phone 07651/97 033-0

Fax 07651/97 033-29



Supervisory authority:

President of the Regional Court of Freiburg

Salt Road 17

79098 Freiburg


Competent chamber:

Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Notaries

Friedrichstrasse 9a

70174 Stuttgart


Legal job title:

Notary public,

Office in Titisee-Neustadt,

Federal Republic of Germany


State that awarded the professional title:

State of Baden-Württemberg,

Federal Republic of Germany


Professional regulations:

The professional regulations for notaries can be found at available.


Sales tax ID:



Disclaimer of liability:

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